How are my products checked?

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At Kikikickz, our products are checked by our team of authentication and quality specialists.

We do our best to respect our commitments in terms of authenticity and compliance and that is why we reserve the right to refuse any damaged or defective product. For example, your product has design flaws or signs of wear and cannot be validated by our team. Below are some recommendations that will allow you to control your product yourself before putting it on sale on our platform.

  1. Check that your product contains no traces , stains or any other defects .
  2. Check that your product is still new and that it has never been worn before.
  3. Avoid damaging the packaging, the box must be intact .
  4. Check that all the accessories provided for purchase are available in the box.
  5. Our specialists carefully examine the control points of each product and reserve the right to refuse your item if it appears to be imitated or counterfeit.
You, as a member of our community, must provide us with genuine, compliant and new condition products.
If all the recommendations are not sufficient to analyze your product, we invite you to approach a member of our team to discuss them, we will find a solution for you.
In which case you do not respect these recommendations, your product will not be validated by our teams. You will then receive an e-mail, you will have to pay the sum of € 15 for shipping costs in France and € 20 for shipping costs in Europe via a link. Your product will then be returned in the days following the cancellation of the sale .
See more on the article: My product has been refused.

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