How do I prepare to ship my package?

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As soon as your sale is confirmed and confirmed by our teams, we invite you to proceed to its shipment. We ask you to respect the different steps listed below:

  1. Print all the attachments that accompany our confirmation email
  2. Tape the DHL Express packing slip to your shipping carton with adhesive tape or tape.
  3. Insert the sales bill into the shoe box
  4. Ideally, you can protect your box by wrapping it in bubble wrap.
  5. As soon as your package is ready, you can choose to pick it up at your home or at a DHL relay point of your choice.

It is your duty to protect your package before shipping, we reserve the right to refuse any damaged packaging. Please refer to this article.

Please send only the pairs indicated in the confirmation email with the DHL packing slip. If the listing is not correct, we will not be responsible for any delay & loss.

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